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One of the most underestimated and under-appreciated elements of most homes and properties is often times the staircases. Typically, staircases will consist of a set of stairs and its surrounding walls or structure. Usually, they are flights of stairs connecting one floor to another and have various components to them such as landings, posts, handrails, balustrades, and other potential parts.

For some properties, staircases capture visual interest by being the focal point of the home and can be creative in designs, arrangements, and sizes. Nice Railing embraces the experimental architectural concept of staircases and strives to meet the design requirements of their clients. There are many types, sizes, and designs of staircases, and Nice Railing can design them all.

Standard Types of Staircases We Design

1.Straight Stairs
2.L-Shaped Stairs
3.U-Shaped Stairs
4.Spiral Stairs

These are considered to be cutting edge through a modern design for staircases, with the steps being made compact and usually threaded around a center pole. This is very popular in creating more space in a home and adds a very minimalistic look overall. They tend to be popular for use within city lofts where space is at a premium. There are all kinds of variations with regards to railing styles which can have a dramatic impact with regards to the overall presentation of the staircase. They also don’t need much for extra support as the center pole and landing usually provide the core structural support needed for the stairs – this makes installation easier than many other types of staircases, and keeps the structure’s design cleaner.

Curved Staircases with Glass Railings and Stainless Steel Handrail

Custom Staircases: Design, Production & Installation

No matter what kind of building you have and staircase you are looking for, together we can come up with a beautiful and functional design with your ideas and our professional expertise and experience. We listen closely to all of our client’s needs and goals, get a sense for what the budget is, and then we can make educated recommendations on what type of staircase reality we can bring to fruition. We treat every project in a unique way, and every staircase we design, build, and install makes us so proud, and there’s nothing quite like seeing our client’s happy faces when the new staircase is ready to use!

Nice Railing explores the creative architecture of staircases by combining various components of materials together for a visually appealing effect. Some of our designs consist of various mixed components from burnished hardwood floors in combination with wrought iron posts and wooden railings, to a tasteful and modern combination of stainless steel and clear glass railings. We offer contemporary, modern, and minimalistic staircase designs for any property. For more information on the types of staircases we can build, and the value we can add to your project, give our helpful and friendly team members a call today. Call Us – (604) 773-7660

Our Staircases Installations in North Vancouver