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Driveway Gates

Driveway gates, as the name suggests, are gates that are installed at the end of any driveway on any property. Driveway gates are considered to be a popular choice for many properties such as apartment complexes, commercial businesses, residential homes and more. These gates are considered to be a great way to add an extra security measure while simultaneously remaining an elegant choice that increases curb appeal to any property. Nice Railing can manufacture a variety of driveway gates such as swing, double swing or slide gates.

If you decide to get an automatic gate installed, you will soon realize that there are quite a few choices and considerations to look at. However, here is a simple guide to makes things easier.

Some Types of Driveway Gates We Build:

  • Slide Gates: this either slides on wheels from either left to right or right to left, much like an automatic door.
  • Swing Gates: swing gates operate like a fancy door, and either opens inward or outward. This design consideration depends on how far from the sidewalk the gate is placed as to avoid hitting any passing vehicles/pedestrians. They come in either single swing gates or double swing gates.
  • Barrier Gates: these are the types of gates seen in parking garages, and other traffic control areas. They operate in a way that it just lifts up at an almost 90-degree angle to admit any passing people/vehicles.
  • Vertical Pivot Gates: this is a heavy gate that will just rise up and down to admit any occupants/vehicles.
Elegant Wrought Iron Slide Driveway Gate

Driveway gates provide a myriad of benefits, especially if security and convenience is of top importance to the occupants of the property.

Benefits of Driveway Gates:

  • Easy sliding or swinging of the gate at a mere touch of a button.
  • Can be installed with a security keypad for extra safety.
  • Usually come equipped with an automated safety sensor which prevents any inopportune accidents from occurring.
  • Having a driveway gate installed immediately adds extra value to the property.
  • It increases the curb appeal of any property, thus making it more attractive to any passerby’s and potential buyers.

Nice Railing can create a variety of driveway gates, from simplistic to intricate designs. We can create wooden driveway gates intertwined with a metal casing, or wrought iron gates with a creative architectural design, or even a simplistic metal gate that is both stylish and functional. Call Us – (604) 773-7660 

Our Driveway Gates Installations in North Vancouver

Why should you choose Nice Railing as a driveway gate solution?

We provide a complete and custom gate service from start to finish including collaborating with you to brainstorm concepts and ideas for the gate’s design, the building of your unique gate, and the installation of the gate onto your property. We have experts who have many years experience of both building and installing driveway gates to ensure that you get first-class service. You can be rest assured that you will receive the driveway gate that you deserve, all within your initial budget and time-line for completion.  

We stand behind our work, and proudly offer the below guarantees:

  • High end materials – We build elite driveway gates starting with using the highest quality materials available on the market. We import the top materials from countries around the world to ensure that your unique gate looks beautiful, and will hold up to any kind of weather.
  • Built specifically for you in-house – Your driveway gate will be custom made in our fabrication shop, and can be of any design that you envision. We work side by side with you to produce a gate that delivers exactly what your family members or employees need. We also offer a wide selection of standard driveway gates that are conveniently ready to install on your property shortly after you place your order.
  • World-class craftsmanship – We take pride in paying very close attention to every tiny detail in your driveway gate’s project. Your gate will exude the unique look and character that you desire, and that other people will take immediate notice of. The perfect combination of design and functionality is of most importance to us, and nothing makes us happier than delivering big smiles to our customers faces after the installation is complete and the gate is ready to use.
  • Design options are unlimited – Anything that you can find online, or think up in your wildest dreams when it comes to driveway gates, is something that we can turn into an incredible reality. We only use superior materials, we utilize state of the art technology when it comes to the building of our products, and our team has the expertise needed to make everything happen seamlessly. Our team is also well versed when it comes to working successfully with 3rd-party professionals including engineers, designers, and architects.   
  • Dedicated experts – When it comes to all of the phases of your driveway gate project including excavation, fabrication, installation, and automation, our team of specialists have the skills, talent, and experience necessary to execute on any project plan. You can have peace of mind knowing that your project is in trusted hands, will run without interruptions or delays, and is completely integrated all along the way.
  • Lifetime warranty – Our guarantee is unbeatable in the industry as we offer a warranty on your driveway gate from us as long as you own your property. Our company is well managed, our products and services are world-class, and we stand by our work and our customers. We take a long-term approach to everything we do and deliver, and our customer’s happiness is our pride and joy.

Nice Railing creates an excellent selection of driveway gates, from simplistic to intricate designs, and everything in between for any use case. We can also create advanced custom designs including wooden driveway gates that are intertwined with a metal casing, wrought iron gates that boast a creative architectural design, or even a basic metal gate that is both modern and functional.