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Fences have been traditionally considered to be barriers that are upright in structure, and are commonly constructed with materials such as wood, wire, or metal. The main purpose of a fence is to enclose an area of the grounds on any property to mark a boundary, and increase control over that space. Fences can be deployed as an enclosure for a home’s backyard, or a large office property, and can be built to be completely solid for complete privacy, or evenly spaced apart for a view that still offers extra security.

Fencing is more commonly used and seen within residential properties, but can also be done on commercial properties as well for added security, and to provide seclusion away from the public eye. There are numerous and different types of fences that can be uniquely designed using a variety of materials either on their own, or in combination with each other. Some of the common materials that Doctor Metal Works uses to fabricate our customer’s fences are aluminum, wood, wrought iron, bamboo, and others. Fencing options don’t end with just the material aspect, there are also a myriad of styles that fences can visually be comprised of.

Types of Fences We Build:

  • Pool fences: these are fences that can enclose the pool area and complement the overall aesthetic.
  • Garden fences: these are fences that can help enclose your garden and to protect your plants.
  • Privacy fences: these are the most commonly chosen type of fence since they are built to enclose your yard or property to add some security and privacy.
  • Picket fences: these are considered to be a simple way to build a perimeter for your property.
  • Stockade fences: these are boards installed exactly side by side and offers a complete barrier to the outside of the property.
  • Board on board fences: this is a typical fence that is seen enclosed in most backyards and adds an element of privacy, security and strength.
Gray Metal Privacy Fence

Some Benefits of Installing a Fence:

  • It keeps children and pets safe from all sorts of external risks. This is especially true of home’s that are located near public playgrounds, schools, other residential properties, and businesses that are frequently visited such as retail stores for example. The added security of a fence offers the residents of the home peace of mind when on the property’s grounds, or in the residence.
  • Fences can work to discourage and fend off thieves. Having a significant visible barrier on your property can often prevent most thieves from approaching your home for the purpose of theft, or other criminal activities that they may be looking to do.
  • Increased property value is almost a certainty as home’s that have a fence around the property, or in other areas where one is ideal, is much more enticing to potential buyers so they don’t need to take on a construction project of their own shortly after they first move in.
  • Fences add instant curb appeal, and when done well, can create the illusion of having more property to utilize well.

Our Installations of Fences

  • Defining property lines between your residence and your neighbours is always a good idea to avoid potential conflicts and issues down the road, and fences provide an excellent solution to accomplish this goal. Be sure to check with your town or city though if you are uncertain about the exact property lines, because the last thing you want to do is erect a beautiful fence, and then have angry neighbours complaining that it’s on their property or worse yet, threatening to take legal action against you.
  • The outside elements can wreak havoc on your yard and home, and so doing everything you can to add shelter to your property is a fantastic idea. An outdoor privacy fence will protect your backyard and plants from the wind, while also providing a few feet of shade from the sun depending on the time of day and where the sun is located in the sky. A fence can also prevent random things from blowing onto your property, and you having to deal with them, your neighbour’s annoying tree leaves are one such example.  
  • If you have neighbours who like having big get togethers or parties, or enjoy playing loud music regularly while doing recreational activities, then a fence is a super way to gain a sound barrier to help minimize noise entering your yard. Sometimes you just want to relax outside quietly, so a fence certainly helps with these efforts.   
  • Fences help business owners create safer and more comfortable environments for them and their employees, so everyone can work more effectively and in a more relaxed state of mind. Plus commercial liabilities can also be minimized to give business owners further peace of mind.

Fences provide lots of tangible value for your home, property, and family. You may have been thinking about putting up a fence for awhile now, and what better time than now?! Doctor Metal Works can design, build, and install a gorgeous fence on your property that will last for decades to come. Contact us now so we can learn about your fencing needs, and we will communicate how we can best move forward together with your project.