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Pedestrian Gate

One of the most important aspects of being a property owner is the safety and security of the occupants inside. A great way to ensure this is to add a pedestrian gate. Pedestrian gates are typically automated/non-automated gates at the entrance of your property. These are considered to be an ideal alternative to the more rigorous safety systems out there. This is a great idea for an entrance/exit to the property and will no doubt make the surroundings of the property more secure. Some pedestrian gates can offer some access control systems such as keypad access, electronic locks etc. while others are simpler, requiring just a manual opening. Pedestrian gates actually offer a range of benefits, besides the added security and safety to your property. Keep in mind, it is not a guarantee to add 100 percent safety to any property, but it is a definite help.

Some Benefits of Pedestrian Gates:

  • it provides safety from any unwanted and unsolicited visitors;
  • ensures that the occupants (mainly children) are kept safely within the enclosure of the yard;
  • several benefits in fabrication are that our pedestrian gates can offer are a classic elegance in our design, as well as a durable material that ensure that high quality of the product.

If you want the occupants of your property to be free of any unwanted solicitation and to feel safe, consider installing a pedestrian gate.

Wrought Iron Pedestrian Gate Mounted in Stone Arc

Our Pedestrian Gates Installations in North Vancouver

Custom-made Wrought Iron & Aluminum Pedestrian Gates:

It can be hard to choose what design and materials is best suited to your requirements of a pedestrian gates. Lucky for you, Nice Railing offers a range of designs and materials for pedestrian gates. We offer both standard and distinctive designs such with a specialty in wrought iron gate designs which are all powder coated and galvanized to ensure longevity and durability of the gates – making then the optimal aesthetic choice to install at the forefront of any property. Aside from wrought iron, we also do wooden designs for a more rustic look. All pedestrian gates at Nice Railing are hand forged and fabricated in our shop, ensuring that it is extreme weather resistant and will be resistant to initial wear and tear, which gives a more polished look that is made to last. Regardless of the type of pedestrian gate that you want, we can help achieve it – whether it be a gate that covers an entire expanse of a property, a gate that slides or swings or more. We offer pedestrian gates for any type of property, such as industrial, commercial or residential. For more information, give us a call today! Call Us – (604) 770-4889